More Fuel Thefts From Boats Reported

harbour sunsetPolice have received more reports of stolen boat fuel over the weekend and now it’s been taken from a boat on an off-island, too.

Following Sergeant Colin Taylor’s Friday appeal for witnesses to two counts of theft, officers are investigating a further six cases that have come in.

Sgt Taylor says its now going to impact on Scilly’s crime figures, representing around 10% of the total incident reporting on the islands this year.

Colin says there has been one report on St Martin’s with the rest from St Mary’s Harbour and fuel has been siphoned from engines or taken in canisters.

He says the cost of the stolen goods ranges from around £20 up to £50.

Colin has been contacted by locals with suggestions on how to crack the crime wave.

But he says contacting fuel suppliers to see who has not been buying fuel won’t identify the thief and won’t provide the evidence that police need.

The St Mary’s thefts have all been from boats, out in the open either on the pontoon or the Rechabite Slip, so the police team will now adapt their patrols to increase the frequency in the affected areas.

But Colin says they can’t sit on the quay all day waiting for an incident to occur.

If anyone sees anything suspicious, they should call 101 or 999 and report it immediately so the police can investigate.