Scilly’s Police Hit The Headlines Again

police seagull postScilly’s police are making the headlines again this morning on news websites and papers from Ireland to Algeria.

Sergeant Colin Taylor has created another comedy Facebook post on the station’s social media page and his own Scilly Sergeant website – this time, picking up on the killing of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion and growing resentment towards seagulls.

Colin points out that you don’t hunt animals with names, “unless you desire to be a social pariah.” And because of the recent “vilification of herring gulls,” he’s added nametags to a group of seabirds in a picture.

Hundreds of thousands of readers of Metro, the free sheet and news website, will see a pic of Scilly’s newest police officer, PC Nic Gould, surrounded by gulls labelled with names like Pascal, Phillip and Nigel.

Colin’s Facebook page is the most “followed” page featuring Scilly and has 45,000 fans, over six times the number of the official tourism site.