Cruise Ship Making Unexpected Visit To Islands

The Adonia. Photo by Robin Mawer.

The Adonia. Photo by Robin Mawer.

In what’s already becoming a record year for cruise ship visits, Scilly will be getting an extra, unexpected visit tomorrow.

The Captain of the Adonia, with 690 passengers on board, has decided to alter her route and stop in the islands.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says it’s a “welcome surprise” although he says it’s unusual for a fairly large ship like this to arrive at such short notice.

Bad weather expected this weekend for the Irish coast, where she was due to go, meant cruise line managers decided to reroute the vessel.

Advances in technology mean weather forecasts are more accurate and ships can decide to reschedule at the last minute, says Dale.

And it’s happened to us in the past, when vessels have decided to bypass Scilly during bad weather and move on to a nearby port like Falmouth.

Dale feels that Scilly “sells itself” and “stands out like a sore thumb” for any operators looking to reroute.

We regularly top the surveys of passengers’ favourite places during their cruise, he says.

And we’re also a cheaper and easier option than many ports in the area.

Dale says “a lot of frantic work” is now going on behind the scenes at the Islands’ Partnership, making sure there are enough information packs and staff available for the visit.

And he says the Boatmen’s Association is ready for the tendering operations.

The Adonia is arriving at 7am tomorrow and will leave at around 3.30pm.

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