St Mary’s A Dream For Cycle Training

Rory Townsend

Rory Townsend

St Mary’s is a great place for serious cyclists to train. That’s the view of Rory Townsend who rides full-time with the Pedal Heaven race team.

The largely amateur riders take part in most competitive events here and in Europe. And the team has come from almost nowhere to leading the table this year.

Rory is holidaying with relatives in Scilly and won the 5km Stride for Life run on Sunday. But his passion is for cycling and he says the course here is good.

Rory says the roads are smooth and the hills here are great for training, because doing circuits around the island means you’re hitting the same slope every ten minutes or so.

He says over a three-hour ride that clocks up a significant amount of climb.

And he’s full of praise for the local drivers, who he says are very accommodating to cyclists.

One islander who agrees with the potential of St Mary’s for cycle training is Steve Watt. He’s travelling to London this weekend for the Ride 100 event around the capital and Surrey.

He’s been pedalling circuits of St Mary’s and says Telegraph Hill is “long and relentless” and there’s a really steep stretch of road around Tremelethen.

Steve, who celebrated is 72nd birthday this year, has become passionate about cycling over in the last two years.

He hopes to complete the 100-mile course in less than 5 hours 30 minutes on Sunday, to raise at least £100 for St Mary’s lifeboat station, where he is press officer.

Steve’s son James is also taking part.

2 Responses to St Mary’s A Dream For Cycle Training

  1. Ray Wornes July 29, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    If the policies that are in the Planning stage at the moment are adopted by the Council then you can kiss goodbye any chance in the future of using these roads for cycle training Steve because they will be full up with heavy lorries and lots more cars from Telegragh to Hugh Town. Please write in to the Council asking for policies that will limit traffic on this and other routes and not increase it considerably. Our family has been cycling this route for decades.

  2. John Hicks July 29, 2015 at 11:03 am

    I would like to wish Steve all the very best for his cycle ride in London but would sincerely hope that he is going to be able to raise one hell of a lot more that just £1 a mile for his amazing efforts. If every person in Scilly who is of a similar age to Steve stops and thinks about what they could do at that age, I bet there aren’t any who would say they could cycle100 miles. I would like to see Steve collect at least £1,000 at the very least for this herculean effort. I am sure there are a few good people out there who could afford at least a £20 note to spur him on his way. Is there a web site where we can donate to his charity that we can click on please?