Rural Growth Programme To Support Small-Scale Food Producers

Food and agriculture businesses in Scilly could get grants to help them develop their products as part of the new, national rural ‘Growth Programme.’

That’s a £24m package of European funding announced by the government on Monday.

The cash handouts are designed to help farmers, growers and food processors to develop their businesses.

Funding can support some tourism-related activities too and it’s being targeted at small and ‘micro’ firms, similar to those found here on the islands, which employ less than 10 people.

The money is being managed by the Scilly and Cornwall LEP, who have been allocated £2.5m initially by the government.

On the mainland, the grants start from £35,000, although that’s been lowered to £10,000 in Scilly, reflecting the smaller scale of operations here.

Firms can apply for up to £1m but you’ll need to get your application in by the 30th October. You can find further details here.