Tresco To Get New Accommodation

tresco from abovePlanners have approved plans for a new 3-bedroom stone and wood cottage on Tresco.

The two-storey property will be built on the site of two, old, single-floor wooden chalets at Borough Farm.

It will be used as either workers’ accommodation or a holiday let.

It’s the second time the estate has received approval for the scheme. In 2007 it was granted by councillors but there was a restriction so the property could only be used by staff.

That was overturned on appeal to allow its use as a holiday let. But the construction never went ahead and the approval has now expired.

At last week’s Planning Meeting, Planning Officer Lisa Walton recommended approving the scheme subject to further tests for the presence of bats.

An earlier bat survey showed signs that one of the existing chalets had been used as a roost.

And the estate will have to make a detailed archaeological survey of the area before work can commence.

That’s because a prehistoric grinding stone was found there when the foundations for the original chalets were being dug in the 1970s.