Council Agrees New Whistleblowing Policy

town hall windows signThe Council has amended its whistleblowing policy. They are not required to have one by law, but in his report, Legal Officer Richard Burraston informed members attending the recent Full Council meeting that it would be “a major governance failure” if they didn’t.

If staff have concerns about the conduct of colleagues or the authority generally they’ll be able to flag up concerns to a line manager or Human Resources.

They won’t need proof, just a reasonable belief of wrongdoing. It will be up to the Council to investigate.

Any staff who raise legitimate concerns are being assured that they won’t be victimised or denied promotion. But falsely making claims out of malice will be a disciplinary measure.

If staff are dissatisfied, they’ll have the option of referring the matter to police, the ombudsman or another higher authority.

One Response to Council Agrees New Whistleblowing Policy

  1. Fi Hike August 5, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    Can they flag up concerns about the way the place is being run into the ground?