Wildlife Trust Asks For Vigilance Over Cattle Fences

cattle grazing 2The Wildlife Trust wants you to look out for and report any suspicious activity on or around the land that they manage.

Someone has tampered with a fence at Pendrathen where their Ruby Red cattle are grazing.

The Trust says that it’s risking the safety of the livestock.

There’s been sporadic bursts of vandalism of Trust fences over the years.

Back in 2013, after a spate of damage, the Trust told Radio Scilly they believed those incidents were linked to the strong opposition to their land management policy, which favours the use of cattle and horses to graze penned in areas.

Some objectors feel that the local landscape has been adversely affected by the grazing.

Over the weekend, the Trust has also taken to Twitter to appeal to the users of their St Mary’s bird hides. They want people to remove litter after the Lower Moor hide was left “in a dreadful state” strewn with beer cans and whiskey bottles.

The Trust appealed for police help on Twitter.

Sergeant Colin Taylor responded, writing that the hides are on the police ‘rounds’ but not every evening. And he’s suggested that they “educate” people on their use, or lock them.