Islands’ Partnership Needs Your Views On Scilly’s Transport

scillonian June 2015The Islands’ Partnership wants your thoughts on how Scilly’s transport provision should be improved.

Your priorities could be included in their submission to government.

Executive Director David Jackson says a range of themes have already been identified including reliability, passenger and freight cost, capacity, scheduling, connections and inter-island boating.

Your views on those aspects of transport are needed by Monday and David says they’re not an exhaustive list. You’re welcome to add extra topics if you feel something is important or has been missed out.

Recently the Local Enterprise Partnership Chairman Chris Pomfret claimed that the Islands’ Partnership members he’d spoken with had told him they didn’t want the helicopters to start again.

David says although government support for restoring the rotary link appears unlikely at this stage, the IP doesn’t have fixed views on helicopters and you’re welcome to share your views on the issue.

Now the IP has taken the lead on the transport agenda, David says it’s important that they consult with their 300 members on the islands and give them the opportunity to have their say.

But he says before submitting your proposals, you should consider how they could impact on the overall transport system.

David says there’s a danger that introducing another operator “might destabilise the system in the short term” at a time when passenger numbers are still recovering.

He says it could “jeopardise the economies of scale and operational costs” of the services and the transport hubs, particularly St Mary’s airport.

And he warns that it’s no use introducing new services, “that will set us back rather than taking us forward.”

Earlier this month the tourism and business body took the lead for presenting a unified Scilly transport ‘wish list’ to government.

The Council had overseen that task and finish group for the last year, but its members became dissatisfied with how they were managing the process and some questioned whether their views were being reflected.

The IP will now present that local opinion.

You can submit your suggestions whether you’re an IP member or not, but you need to do it this weekend.

You should email by Monday.

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