‘Fair Warning’ Needed For Children During Incinerator Demolition

incineratorThe health of children living and playing near the Moorwell incinerator will need to be protected during the demolition work, which is due to begin in the autumn.

That was the view of Cllr Christine Savill, who heads up the Council’s Children’s Committee.

The Authority is closing the facility, which opened in 1978, due to increasing operational costs and the difficulty of meeting more stringent emission limits.

They’re currently seeking a contractor to remove it.

But on Tuesday, councillors had to decide whether to give planning approval for the work, because of the size of the building and its location in a conservation area.

Cllr Savill had concerns about how close the incinerator is to the Children’s Centre at Carn Thomas.

She said there needed to be “fair warning” for children and residents in the area when work is taking place.

And Council Chairman Amanda Martin wanted signs warning passers-by with sufficient notice, “not just at the last minute.”

A number of conditions have been attached to the work, such as not working on Sundays or later than 6pm. There also needs to be monitoring for bat and bird activity in the area.

But Cllr Gordon Bilsborough wanted to know how that was going to be monitored.

He said if there was “any sign of a complaint from residents” then the contractors carrying out the work would need to be warned.

The Planning Office received a single comment about the work from Mr Price, a Devon resident.

He expressed concern that once the incinerator was gone, the islands would need to rely on unsustainably shipping waste to the mainland.

Mr Price said he was surprised that the Authority was “without a coherent waste policy” to deal with temporary tourist population and felt some of the material could be used for compost.

Councillors voted unanimously to approve the demolition, which can’t start until at least September to avoid the main bird-nesting season.

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