St Agnes Island Hall Becoming Cinema For The Night

island hall 1Residents and visitors on St Agnes are being offered an evening of cinema.

Regular island visitor Dan Hodgson, a freelance director and filmmaker, has put together a 90-minute programme of eight short and funny films.

The event is called ‘Scilly Shorts,’ a form of film that’s often used to showcase the next wave of big blockbuster directors.

Dan says new directors will make these short features, often with a big budgets and well-known stars, to demonstrate their skills.

The line-up includes Dan’s own film – a romantic comedy centred on love triangle.

Dan wrote and directed that film, Love is Blind.

He says his film got nominated for a Palme D’or at Cannes and is being submitted to more film festivals this year.

Dan has been visiting St Agnes since the 70s and worked on the island for three summers before college.

He says he wanted to do something special for his favourite place and has been impressed by the facilities at the new Island Hall.

Dan says the building’s new projection facilities and sound system are “top rate” and will provide a “whole cinematic experience.”

The screening starts at the Island Hall at 7.45pm and costs £5.