Free Rat Poison Stopped By Council

town hall 4The Council has stopped giving islanders free rat poison. They say they’ve changed their approach because it is an offence if it is used by someone who isn’t a trained professional.

It’s now up to locals to find and fund their own solution, unless their home is infested. Then the Council will send someone in.

Radio Scilly was contacted by Garrison resident Trish Hill, who was surprised when staff on the Town Hall front desk told her they were no longer giving out rat poison.

Trish was told that she could instead get it from a Hugh Town retailer at the cost of £9 a bag.

The Council say they’ve decided to follow the rules set down under the Control of Pesticides Regulations, so they won’t be handing it out any more.

And they say that they don’t have to provide a service to residents, but they are obligated to do what they can keep the area rodent free under legislation dating back to 1949.

According to that law, locals have a responsibility to inform the Town Hall if rats or mice are living on their land in substantial numbers.

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