Islanders To Take On Top County Cricketers

cricket bowlerA combined islands’ side will take on top-flight county cricketers next week.

Islander James Francis is organising the MCC tour. Their 13-strong line-up will include Somerset player Nick Folland as well of range minor county sportsmen.

James used to play for the club and his involvement led to the establishment of this regular fixture.

The mainlanders used to visit annually, but the cost of the trip and the relatively small number of games they can play compared to other venues means they now come over every other year.

The first fixture will be twenty overs on The Garrison at around 5.30pm on Wednesday 29th July.

But the big game will be the next day, when they play 35 or 40 overs on Tresco from 1.30pm.

James says there’ll be some good cricketers fielded as part of the combined Scilly side and as the players ”will be used to their own surfaces,” he says you can’t assume a visitors’ victory.

Locals were only narrowly defeated in the four fixtures during that last tour.

James says cricket is popular and the standard is good in Scilly because you don’t need such a young group of players as with other sports.

The game suits anyone reasonably fit, aged between 15 and 65, which fits in with our older age profile on the islands.