Sunday Flying Needs Backing Of Scilly’s Businesses

skybus twin otterThe Steamship Company is still open to the idea of Sunday flying but stakeholders will have to commit to supporting it.

And Chief Executive Rob Goldmsmith says the community should consider the whole range of services offered to visitors on Sundays.

The Council backed the controversial idea to start Sunday airport operations by 14 votes to 2 in October 2013, following calls from some sectors of the tourism industry.

It was argued that it would make Scilly more attractive to visitors wanting a short break because busy people could expect to be back on the mainland in time for work on Monday morning.

Last September Mr Goldsmith told Radio Scilly that it was a case of, “if rather than when” seven-day flights would start.

But 10 months on, Rob says they’ve not set the Skybus timetable for 2016 and Islands’ Partnership members would need to show their support for the extra flying day first.

Rob says some of the islands’ accommodation providers will need to be more flexible and make “significant changes” to their changeover days.

There would also be additional costs in opening the airport on a Sunday, but Rob says it’s not right to assume that Sunday flying would cost passengers more.

He says it could be argued that Saturday is actually the ‘premium day,’ but added that Scilly is “somewhat behind the times” by not having a seven-day air service already.

Rob says the entire Sunday offer needs some thought and discussion and some Sunday day trip passengers on the Scillonian have complained that many services that they expected to be there were closed.

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