Sunday Flying Needs Backing Of Scilly’s Businesses

skybus twin otterThe Steamship Company is still open to the idea of Sunday flying but stakeholders will have to commit to supporting it.

And Chief Executive Rob Goldmsmith says the community should consider the whole range of services offered to visitors on Sundays.

The Council backed the controversial idea to start Sunday airport operations by 14 votes to 2 in October 2013, following calls from some sectors of the tourism industry.

It was argued that it would make Scilly more attractive to visitors wanting a short break because busy people could expect to be back on the mainland in time for work on Monday morning.

Last September Mr Goldsmith told Radio Scilly that it was a case of, “if rather than when” seven-day flights would start.

But 10 months on, Rob says they’ve not set the Skybus timetable for 2016 and Islands’ Partnership members would need to show their support for the extra flying day first.

Rob says some of the islands’ accommodation providers will need to be more flexible and make “significant changes” to their changeover days.

There would also be additional costs in opening the airport on a Sunday, but Rob says it’s not right to assume that Sunday flying would cost passengers more.

He says it could be argued that Saturday is actually the ‘premium day,’ but added that Scilly is “somewhat behind the times” by not having a seven-day air service already.

Rob says the entire Sunday offer needs some thought and discussion and some Sunday day trip passengers on the Scillonian have complained that many services that they expected to be there were closed.

5 Responses to Sunday Flying Needs Backing Of Scilly’s Businesses

  1. Alex July 22, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    What this would allow is more people to visit the islands and more frequently. We are currently restricted to school holidays – long weekends are not possible because of the need to be back for school and work on Monday morning. Sunday sailings are great but these only start mid summer and finish mid September. If it was possible to fly out late afternoon on a Friday and fly home Sunday afternoon then as a family we would certainly visit three or four more times a year – all year around. We can’t be the only ones in this position and this must significantly reduce the tourist market.

    • Soutie July 23, 2015 at 9:50 pm

      It may otherwise be possible to have a very early flight on Monday mornings. ( as an example, timed to meet the 7.30 am connecting flight from Newquay to Gatwick. This would allow people to reach their desks in London by 10 am.)

  2. Adam Morton, St.Martins July 21, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    I should think the major reason for Sunday flying is for short breaks for people that need to be back at work on Monday. Such markets are generally Hotel + B&Bs who are not already full or campsites. Who is going to turn away a week long booking to accommodate a Fri & Sat one? Sunday sailings have just replaced double sailings on Saturday to clear the backlog especially when there was fog. More to the point would be Sunday flying OUT of the holiday periods? Scilly is full for six weeks- there are not even camping spaces for a tent three years in advance ! To operate Scilly seven days a week for longer seasons, more labour is needed and more money to pay for it with. Many people stay for four to six weeks which helps lessen the impact of cost .

  3. Soutie July 21, 2015 at 9:04 am

    I wonder if it’s a bit much to expect accommodation providers to switch changeover days ahead of Sunday flights?

    Perhaps introducing a “weekend return” ticket on the Scillionan, and a longer season of Sunday sailings would develop the weekend breaks market and encourage people to spend an extra night on the islands etc. Encouraging visitors to stay a little longer on the islands is an easy way to boost the tourism industry.

  4. Jan Rowberry July 20, 2015 at 11:49 am

    We love coming to Scilly and have visited again earlier this year ,it didn’t bother us as we had a lovely hotel to go back too, but we did hear lots of comments from day visitors on the Sunday we were there also quite a lot of cruise ship visitors ,who were desperately looking for refreshments only to find that most cafe were closed also nearly all the shops ,this is such a shame as it gives the wrong impression of such a wonderful place.