Kier Construction Update On St Mary’s Harbour : July 17th

Quay Extension:

Level 6 is now complete with backfilling continuing.

The barge has returned to Plymouth for loading and will return in the next few days weather


Installation of the first block of level 7 will be clearly visible above the water line.

Harbourside building:

Due to recent inclement weather waterproofing of the Ticket Office will be carried out this weekend

with roof finishing’s following on.

Recently instructed New Chiller Store Structural Steelwork currently under fabrication. Erection to

commence 15 Aug 15.

Waiting Room Door and window installed with flooring and M&E to follow next week.

Balcony site survey complete, steelwork currently in fabrication.

Freight Store has been suspended to 01 Sep 15.

Freight Office works continue, window installed, hard boarding of walls and ceilings with plastering

following on.

Parting Carn – Recycling

A Crusher will be installed to separate CDW, construction, excavated & demolition waste/material.


Daily maintenance of the material at Porthloo will continue.

Re-use of material has now been accepted by the MMO for use in the Quay widening area.

Precast yard in Plymouth

Quay Extension Blocks and casting phase of 12 Slabs 100% complete

6 Infill blocks complete with 4 flights of stairs complete by end Jul 15.

Quay Widening blocks and remaining13 Parapet Wall Units now complete.