Long Standing Scilly Councillor Resigns

chris thomasChris Thomas has resigned as a councillor. He submitted his resignation letter ten days ago and councillors were formally notified of his decision in an email sent by Council Chairman Amanda Martin last night.

Chris says he wants to spend more time touring in his motorhome.

He’s been a councillor since 2006 and during that time he’s chaired the Sea Fisheries and Transport committees.

Chris says he has always tried to do his best for Scilly and feels privileged to have served as a member for nine years.

Some of the highlights of his time on the Council include the Porthcressa regeneration project, the road resurfacing, airport improvements to the CAA’s new standards and agreeing the quay lengthening.

Chris says that should give the Steamship Company more options when they look to replace the Scillonian because it will create a deeper berth.

But not all of his time on the Council has been happy. He says some of the work was “stressful” and he blames our former MP for the failure of the Route Partnership scheme – a plan to fund a new ferry and significant upgrades to St Mary’s and Penzance quays.

Chris says Andrew George “scuppered” the bid after it was rejected by the new coalition government in 2011.

Chris’ resignation leaves three vacancies on the Council.

David Pearson resigned when he moved to the mainland last year and Chris says he might have resigned earlier if an election had been called to replace David.

The second of two Bryher seats also remains unfilled, after Chris Hopkins chose not to seek re-election in May 2013.

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