Sale Will Fund New Home And Demolition Work

Old school site, currently being used as offices.

Old school site, currently being used as offices.

The Council will use money from the sale of a former Local Authority property to part fund demolition of the old secondary school at Carn Thomas and to buy a new house for senior staff.

As we reported last month, Council Chief Executive Theo Leijser has said some of the funding for site clearance will also come from the rent that Kier are currently paying for space in the building.

At last week’s Community Services meeting, Housing Officer Ian Hamilton confirmed that the home of the former Chief Executive Phillip Hygate was purchased from the Authority last month.

It had been on the market since autumn 2013, originally for an asking price of £400,000 although councillors voted to reduce that to £350,000 last year as the number of enquiries dried up.

They also removed a clause which would have meant the Council could claw back some of the profits made on a subsequent sale by anyone developing the site.

Mr Hamilton said using the proceeds to demolish and remove the old secondary school building would make that area more attractive to developers.

The Council has been in talks with Cornwall Rural Housing Association about constructing a number of extra care homes there, although they haven’t yet been able to secure funding yet.

Clearing the site will remove some of the uncertainty over the costs of building, he said.

It’s understood that the Town Hall are considering the purchase of a £300,000 home on Church Road too.

Members have been told that they intend to buy the property for their ‘General Fund,’ which provides housing for employees rather than the general public.

The Council already has a number of these homes available including a flat in Hugh Street and bungalows at the airport.

The new addition to their portfolio will be used to house senior Council management who are relocating to Scilly for work.

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