Generations Of St Agnes Flower Farming To End This Autumn

Adrian and Mandy Pearce

Adrian and Mandy Pearce

Generations of flower farming on St Agnes will end this autumn.

Adrian and Mandy Pearce are retiring.

They took over the farm, which had been in Mandy’s family, back in 1979 and since then the couple have developed a successful direct mail service sending a range of island flowers from scented narcissus to ‘Whistling Jacks’ all over the UK.

And their decision means that the Bulb Shop, which has attracted tens-of-thousands of visitors since 1988, will also shut its doors for a final time at the end of the season.

There used to be nine flower farms on the island but Adrian says since he started, farming has changed and become more ‘industrial.’

He said when they first took over, it was “an exciting time” to be a flower farmer, using pioneering techniques and competing to get your product to market first.

Adrian says flower farming hasn’t always been fun, because it’s hard and constant work, but he says it’s also been rewarding and he’ll miss it when he retires.

That will mark the end of flower growing on the farm. Small farms work best as family concerns, but his son Julian has a successful career in Leeds and Adrian accepts, “its not like it was.”

But the couple will continue with their holiday-let business on the property.

Adrian says he’s enjoyed his contact with visitors, making lasting friendships with the regulars, some going to St Agnes since the 1950s.

He’s watched holidaymakers visit with babies who have now grown into adults, which he says has been “a privilege.”

Adrian says he has plenty of things planned to fill his days when he retires and sailing will be high on his to-do list!