‘Pop-Pup’ Café Helps Children Reach Guide Dog Funding Target

bryher school pup cakes
Pupils at Tresco and Bryher School base have reached their fundraising target and will pay for a guide dog’s training.

Base Leader Susanna Gates arranged for a puppy handler to visit the school earlier this summer.

Pupils set about baking and selling ‘pup cakes’ and for the past two days the children have sold cakes in their ‘pop-pup’ café at school.

They needed to raise £1,500 to name and sponsor their own guide dog.

The cake sales this week have brought in a further £1,000, so they’ve met their target.

Ms Gates says the children have been amazing and worked with focus and determination, which has been “lovely to see.”

Comments from the public have included, “your children are a credit to the island” and “how polite and well-mannered.”

The kids dressed up as puppies and had their faces painted for the fundraiser.

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