Greener Promise For Airport But Only If Funds Are Available

airport may 2015St Mary’s Airport will be greener, as soon as the Council can find the money.

Plans for solar panels have been made public after Council officers, who were outlining sustainable power goals, were questioned over why they don’t appear to be leading by example at the recently redeveloped building.

At a Council public meeting at the Old Wesleyan Chapel, St Mary’s resident Penny Rogers said it was “wonderful’ that the Authority had outlined visionary projects and were leading new innovation.

But she wanted to know why the recently completed airport refurbishment had failed to incorporate sustainable measures.

“There’s no water harvesting, no alternative energy and no solar power,” Penny said, and she felt that the Council should, “put its money where its mouth is.”

Strategic Development Manager Diana Mompoloki explained that the wiring for solar power is in and it “is ready to go” if they get the money for the panels.

Diana says the airport was funded from three sources, and although she accepted that it sounded counter intuitive, she said if they find that they have underspent in one part of the airport project and the money couldn’t be moved to another area, then the Council should be able to buy and fit the solar panels.