Huge Effort But No Records In Second Celtic Crossing Challenge

Glenn Eldridge

Glenn Eldridge

The man behind the St Mary’s to Sennen ocean ski crossing last weekend says they’ll do it again next year but will need to make changes to the event’s organisation.

Glenn Eldridge says it was “a struggle” to find accommodation for a single nights stay on Friday. So he arranged for participants to come over to Scilly on Saturday, the day of the challenge.

That meant some tense moments with little flexibility for delays or technical problems.

No records were broken in the second annual ‘Celtic Crossing’ challenge, but all nine athletes finished safely and received a warm welcome when they reached Cornwall.

The loudest applause came for the youngest-ever competitors, 16-years-olds Katie Fielder and Keia Wardman, who made the trip on double skies in 6 hours and 25 minutes.

This year conditions slowed the crossing.

The first double ski pair Stan Missen and John Elliott from Cornwall reached Sennen in 4 hours 40 minutes and the first single skier, Welshman Scott Cuthbertson arrived 45 minutes later.

In 2014 the men’s double finished in 4 hours and the women completed their journey 20 minutes after that.

Glenn is returning to St Mary’s on 26th September, to organise a race from Scilly to Sennen using six-person Hawaiian canoes and paddleboards.