Former Methodist Minister Returns For Visit

david easton 2015Scilly’s former Methodist minister has returned to the islands for the first time in six years.

David Easton, now the most senior Methodist in Scotland, led worship at the St Mary’s and St Martin’s Methodist Church services on Sunday.

He says it’s “nice to come home again” and said the reason he hadn’t been back sooner was because he’s been so busy.

After Scilly, David went on to a church in Aberystwyth, where he learnt Welsh and held some services in the language.

He’s now been promoted to a high-level role north of the border.

His official title is Chair of the Synod of the Methodist Church of Scotland, which he says sounds very grand, but adds there actually aren’t that many Methodists in Scotland.

He’s based in Stirling but travels all over the country taking services.

David took part in BBC2’s ‘An Island Parish’ and the cameras kept rolling after a handful of churchgoers decided not to ‘invite’ David to extend his tenure on the islands.

And it led to high-level debate within Methodism, with one trade union calling for a fairer, more transparent approach to the employment of its ministers.

David occasionally watches the shows and says he remembers the series with warmth.

He joked that he’s pleased he didn’t come across, “as an absolute plonker” and says it did a lot for tourism, while portraying the local Methodist church in a good light.

The Reverend Charlie Gibbs has announced his retirement next year but David says he wouldn’t return to Scilly permanently as a minister

He says it’s never a good idea to go back to where you’ve worked before because everyone moves on in life.

But David would recommend anyone considering the position to apply. He says Scilly is a lovely place to live and the community is kind and caring.