Famous Five Inspire New Children’s Book Set In Scilly

Karin BachmannA children’s author has launched her new book set in Scilly with a reading and book signing at St Mary’s Library.

Karin Bachmann’s crime adventure, The Venetian Pearls, is the story of two children Nick and Chris.

It follows a number of twists and turns as the pair get caught up in a robbery of pearls from a Penzance exhibition while traveling to visit their guesthouse-owning granny in Scilly.

Karin’s work has been compared to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and she’s flattered by the comparison because she’s always loved her books.

But she says she has tried to put modern slant on the genre.

Karin fell in love with the islands on her first visit and she’s been here three times now, although the book was written from her home in Switzerland.

She feels the beautiful scenery and remoteness enhances the storyline. And she’s included a trip over by helicopter, which “is very thrilling for children.”

Karin isn’t a native English speaker and hasn’t lived in the UK, but she fine-tuned her writing of conversational English during her time living in New Zealand.

And she tries to do research by listening closely to friends whenever she’s in the country.

Although there’s a lot of accurate Scilly information in the book, Karin has used some creative licence, inventing a new street in the town because the plot required it. She hopes local won’t be too hard on her for that.

Her next children’s book is based in Malta, but Karin says there’s always the potential to set a third in this series back in Scilly again.

You can buy The Venetian Pearls on Amazon.