St Mary’s Health Centre Trust Looking For New Members

Isles of Scilly Health Centre

Isles of Scilly Health Centre

The Trust that owns St Mary’s Health Centre is looking for new members to join their board.

Many islanders are probably unaware that the Health Centre building is managed by a group of locals who rent it out to the GPs’ for use as a surgery.

The Trust was formed in the early 1990’s to raise funds for its construction and to manage it after it was completed in 1999, largely driven by former GP Dr Adrian Davis.

Chair of the Trustees Ann Mumford says the aim was to provide a purpose-built medical facility for the islands.

The board now manages the smooth running of the building and is responsible for maintaining the exterior, including the car park and garden. The GP’s look after the interior and the fixtures and fittings.

But Ann says up to three of the current four trustees are going to retire at the end of 2016. There’s a condition, which means people aged over 70 can’t remain as a trustee.

In fact, the board should really have between five and seven members, which means they need at least five islanders to stand for the board.

Ann says the work isn’t too onerous, with just a couple of meetings a year.

You don’t need any special skills, although someone with a finance or administration background would be welcome, says Ann.

It could also be an interesting time for the trust. The mortgage that was required to complete the construction is paid off next year.

Ann says that means there’ll be spare cash, which could be used for interesting health-related projects on the islands.

If there haven’t been enough people who come forward by the end of this year, she says they’ll need to consider other options although she stresses that there’s no threat of anything happening to the Health Centre.

Ann hopes there are islanders who appreciate the work started by Dr Davis and would now like to do their bit to push it forward.

Anyone interested in joining the Trust should contact Ann on 422099.