Innovative School Bible Sessions Prove A Hit

Canon Paul Miller

Canon Paul Miller

People around the country have been reading about the success of an innovative approach to teaching bible stories at Scilly’s Five Islands School.

Speaking on The Bible Society’s website, Canon Paul Miller says ‘Open the Book,’ a programme of ten minute biblical plays acted out by around a dozen locals at the school every fortnight, has proved to be a big hit with the primary-aged children.

When the project was launched last year, Paul said he felt it would be good for the children to see prominent members of the community involved, rather than the clergy.

And he says he decided that it was best to go to the school, rather than expect them to come to the church.

“I think that the days of Sunday School are nearing an end in the traditional form,” said Paul.

He says ‘Open the Book’ has been “a brilliant way to do church” because it’s very visual and helps children to see the religious stories in their own context.

More than 120 St Mary’s-based pupils have been taking part in the project, which will eventually see 105 plays performed over three years.

The most popular stories so far, he said, had been those of Moses, Noah, Joseph and the fall of the walls of Jericho.