St Mary’s Harbour News July 4th

Here’s the latest from the St Mary’s Harbour team


· BBS remain on site however all of their work is now inside the main building on the quay.

· The luggage store and waiting room continue to be worked upon. This coming week will see the arrival of the windows and door after which works to finalise the area will commence. It is hoped that this area will be opened before the end of July.

·The removal of the luggage shed has released more space for members of the public. Please note that the defibrillator is now stored in the temporary waiting room at the end of the building

·Yacht numbers are good at this time of year and the harbour is certainly busy with plenty of water traffic. Please ensure that you are listening on VHF Ch. 14 for harbour information and vessel movements


· Another busy week ahead with the Minerva (approx. 300 pax) on Sunday and the return of the Magellan (approx. 1,200 pax) on Tuesday. On both visits, the Scillonian III will depart the quay once she has unloaded to allow the use of the end steps during the low water.

·The Stemat barge is now alongside the jack-up and good progress has been made with the un-loading of the blocks. This barge will be returned to Plymouth once empty for the penultimate load of blocks. Please note that at LW the blocks are now visible and present a significant hazard to all water traffic – please pass at slow speed and give the area a wide berth.

· The JML 35 barge will be brought alongside the jack-up once the Stemat has departed to off-load her cargo of stone which is used as backfill in the extension blocks. Once emptied, she will head to the mainland for the next load.

· The landing craft Arromanches has delivered freight and also assisted by delivering a digger to the back of the quay for excavations related to the widening work.

· Tugs Indus, Vulcan 2 and Polmear remain in the Islands to assist with operations and the berthing/un-berthing of the Scy III & Gry Maritha.

· Works to the new ticket office continue and materials will arrive on the Gry this evening to allow this work to progress more quickly. Throughout this coming week the ticket office roof and walls will be completed and it is hoped that it will be in a position to render very soon.

·The concrete slab for the new chiller/freezer units was poured this week. This area will be temporarily used to store some materials freeing up much need space in the working yard.

·Works to the rear of the building (excluding chiller/freezer) have been suspended until after August to allow safe and efficient freight operations to continue. The temporary “compound” used by Kier will be returned for use by Monday with equipment being stored in the chiller/freezer area.


The recent works on the quay have severely restricted space on the quay, more so during the unloading of the Gry Maritha on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.
This area as you know is already tight for space and the reduction in the useable area is now almost untenable for safe freight operations.

With this in mind, there is a need to review and amend the current practices for vehicles arriving to collect freight from the quay. This will not be a permanent move but will certainly be in force for the coming weeks over July and August where we will see an increase in freight deliveries to the islands. These restrictions may change over the coming weeks as we work together to develop a suitable working pattern for the unloading of the Gry Maritha.

Temporary restrictions to the rear yard are as follows…

· During the unloading of the Gry Maritha – namely Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings – freight operations will commence at 07:00 with the chilled/frozen items being ready for collection at this time.
Note – RHH & Island Carriers will each have 2 vehicles to clear chilled/frozen from 07:00 and will wait until they are clear before bringing any other vehicle onto the quay. Island Carriers will use the outer quay to park a lorry which will do the co-op items passing the relief lorry off the quay (i.e. no waiting lorry parked on the quay). On a Thursday, Sibley’s large truck will be parked within their shed, helping to reduce the congestion in the rear yard on the busiest freight day.

· Those who collect their own freight will be restricted to 10:30am – 11:30am, after the arrival of the Scillonian III OR after liaison with the ISSCo quay manager.
· Kier vehicles are not to enter the working yard until after the arrival of the Scillonian III or after liaison with the ISSCo quay manager.
· Contractor vehicles engaged in harbour building works (BBS, TA Hicks, P. Gilbert, D. Stanton etc. etc.) are not to bring vehicles into the rear yard on these mornings (and only for pick up/drop off at other times)
·Return waste bags from the dump is to be co-ordinated with ISSCo quay manager and Richard Hand Haulage
·Normal restrictions apply at all other times for those with vehicle permits – i.e. pick up and drop off only (no parking!)
·Old quay is not an area for parking. Please do not park vehicles here – this is area is for pedestrians only unless arrangements have been made in advance through the harbour office.

Close liaison with the ISSCo quay manager and harbour staff is essential to ensure that freight movements are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.