Celtic Crossing Challenge Becoming Regular Sporting Fixture For Scilly

Glenn Eldridge

Glenn Eldridge

The second Celtic Crossing Challenge event takes place this weekend as nine athletes attempt to beat last year’s time for an ocean ski crossing from St Mary’s to Sennen.

Organiser Glenn Eldridge from Carbis Bay crossed to Cornwall in one of the very fast sea kayak-type craft in just over 4 hours during the inaugural event in 2014. And he says conditions look good for Sunday.

The competitors won’t be here for long. They’ll travel over on the Scillonian and head back to Cornwall from the quay at 12.30pm.

They have a fast turnaround, partly because they couldn’t get accommodation in Scilly and also because timings are so tight, in order to beat the tides at both ends of the crossing.

The group includes three experienced single ski competitors from Jersey, Wales and South Africa, although Glenn says none of them have tackled anything like this before and it’s going to be “new territory” for them.

There are also three groups of doubles, including two Cornish 16-year-olds, Katie Fielder and Keia Wardman.

Glenn has coached them for five years and he says he’s surprised they are doing it, especially after they saw him crossing the line and vomiting with tiredness last year!

In September Glenn is arranging another race from Scilly, this time in six-person Hawaiian canoes and on paddleboards.

Crew from Germany, France, Spain and Italy are interested in coming over for that.