Islanders Respond To Further Traffic Consultation

yellow lines going downThe Council wants to know whether you’d like changes to traffic management on St Mary’s following the introduction of the yellow parking lines around Hugh Town last October.

And the Town Hall has already received some ideas and suggestions since the consultation began last week.

One respondent has raised concerns over the speed of motor vehicles and cycles particularly between Tremelethen and Normandy. That’s brought a call for a system of footpaths and cycleways to be developed, separate from the main road.

A school bus has also been suggested to improve travel-to-school safety.

In 2012 the Council appointed a crossing patrol officer to help children across the road at Nowhere but for much of this year there’s been no lollypop person and the position remains unfilled.

Whilst a concern that parking restrictions could encourage locals to shop online rather than in town has also been communicated to the Council, most Hugh Town traders we spoke to were supportive of the 7 day, 9am to 6pm parking ban.

Terry Ward who owns 49 Degrees and The Foredeck stores says Hugh Street looks, “more appealing” when it is clear of parked cars.

Businessman Jon May says he’s prevented from unloading when he wants to, but overall the daytime parking restriction is “for the common good” and he supports it as, “town is much improved” by it.

Tanglewood Kitchen owner Euan Rodger says he wants things to stay just as they are, because the current arrangement “works absolutely spot on.”

Island Rover Bus Tour operator Glynne Lucas says that Hugh Street is much easier to drive down without parked cars on one side, but he’d like some of the yellow lines on residential streets reassessed. Glynne says the Sallyport restriction is tough on the residents.

And Terry Ward wants someone to tackle the car parking just before The Dairy, which can make it tough to see oncoming traffic before heading down The Strand.

One local has written to the Council suggesting that motorists should be granted five minutes parking time outside the bank so working people can quickly deal with banking.

The Town Hall will receive your comments until 24th July, but if you’d like more police parking patrols, that is unlikely.

Last night, Sergeant Colin Taylor said he’s not a traffic warden and his police investigation and safeguarding duties will always take priority over any changes to parking arrangements.

5 Responses to Islanders Respond To Further Traffic Consultation

  1. Pauline Mawer July 2, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    Another cause of pedestrians using the roads instead of pavements is that the road surface is much smoother and easier to walk on and not encroached on by weeds and brambles. I also agree that traffic goes too fast, both motor vehicles and cyclists. Pavements certainly need improving. Better provision needs to be made for parking, people will not be stopped from using cars by taking away parking spaces!

  2. Sam Vimes July 2, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Well talking as a pedestrian and cyclist, it’s great not have the cars parked in Hugh Street, but now it’s awful between the Diary and the Club. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve seen buggies and cars parked on the pavement outside The Bank. There needs to be a limit if 20mph throughout the island. Too many people drive too fast. Proper cycle paths need implemented not a botch job.

    • Linguine July 3, 2015 at 8:33 am

      When wave power comes about bringing with it cheap energy what about a tram system or, even more ambitiously, a mono rail which could ferry the occupants of the new 120 houses at McFarland’s Downs to the metropolis?
      Run the costs before the Linguist, the overspend could be either factored in at this stage or omitted, either way she won’t notice.

    • billy whizz July 3, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      perhaps these cycle paths could be based on the highly successful footpath along old town seafront designed to keep the walking school children safe from traffic ?
      because a painted white line does that you know !
      and what happens along it ? Ignorant drivers park over it, blocking the safe walkway so the walkers have to then step around the parked vehicle and into the middle of the road.

      yellow lines are needed in old town between blue carn cottage and the nowhere car park.
      the narrows is horrendous for parking vehicles parking on the pavement on one side and off the wall the other ..the former having off street parking to the side of the house.

  3. Mrs Poly Glot July 1, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    Parking restrictions are great but will someone please sort out the proliferation of sandwich boards, blackboards, planters, beer barrels, golf buggies, benches, wall mounted planters and other obstacles that now force pedestrians onto the road. I remember a time, not so very long ago, when the council kept the pavements clear.