League Of Friends Get Funding Boost

hospital 4It’s been a successful week for the St Mary’s Community and Hospital League of Friends after their funds received a £700 boost.

Committee Member Jenny Byers says last Thursday’s Flag Day raised just under £420 and there’s been a donation from the Scillonian Club of £300. The Club collects for the local group during their Sunday night quiz

The League is continuing to pay for some hospital items that the NHS cannot afford. They’re contributing towards a new ultrasound scanner. That will cost around £30,000.

And they are helping to finance training for the nurses who will oversee the patients having their routine IV therapies at the hospital.

Jenny says the League is pleased to help out and asks, “which other community with 2,000 people would have such dedicated services?”

She says that the group doesn’t have the high profile of many of the charities for whom people work tirelessly on the islands, but all the money raised goes into local projects to help Park House, the hospital and Health Centre.

They also have a children’s fund for families of sick children who have to go to the mainland frequently and may need a little help.

And she says they’re always keen to hear from locals or visitors who wish to donate or islanders who want to help out, particularly younger people with ideas that would engage their peers.