Regular Visitor To Scilly Appointed To Most Senior Methodist Position

rev steve wildThe Reverend Steve Wild has been appointed President of the Methodist Conference, the most senior position in Methodism in the UK.

Steve is well known to islanders from his regular visits to the St Martin’s and St Mary’s Methodist chapels.

Rev Wild has served fifteen years in circuit ministry and he is currently Chairman of the Cornwall District, which makes him the equivalent to the Church of England position of Bishop in our region.

He became a familiar face on regional ITV in the 80s, delivering Christian messages with his sidekick glove puppet frog, Clarence.

Steve took up his new position on Saturday at the Methodists annual event in Southport and has urged the Church to, “take God seriously” and put Evangelism back on the agenda.

He’s urged followers to, “bring one person to faith this year.”

Steven says he hopes and prays that he can give something worthwhile to the Church during his year in office.