RAF Pays Visit To Scilly

The RAF has paid a visit to Scilly to offer islanders an overview of how their service operates in 2015.

Flight Lieutenant Scott Toomer travelled down from Bomber Command in High Wycombe on Tuesday.

He attends around 100 Royal Air Force presentations around the UK each year.

Unfortunately just two islanders attend the talk along with the two Council staff who opened up the Wesleyan Chapel venue.

The events are designed to offer an overview of how the RAF spends the money it receives from our taxes, both at home and abroad.

Scott says they use some very expensive technology and they’re keen to demonstrate to people how that is being used to defend the UK and to provide humanitarian relief work around the globe.

Scott says the public is usually surprised to learn that the RAF remit includes space monitoring.

He says the UK, alongside the US, are the only two nations who continuously monitor space for the launch of ballistic missiles. They also watch to ensure the 17,000 satellites currently in orbit don’t collide or cause any problems.

Scott had a more lively response at the Five Islands School when he went to talk to children during the morning assembly.

He says that kids often ask probing questions and the pupils wanted to know the most dangerous thing he’d done and how far he’d travelled.

He told the pupils about his service in Iraq and Afghanistan and talked about the range of postings he’s had, including time in the Caribbean.