Review Says Scilly’s Fire Service Performs Well

fire engine st marys 2Scilly’s fire service performs very well with its limited resources but there needs to be great clarity in its relationship with St Mary’s airport.

Those are two key findings from a recent peer review of the service, performed by mainland colleagues.

The report, which followed a two-day visit last October, paints a picture of a service that is trusted by the community, has resourceful and skilled officers in place and has invested well in new equipment and facilities across the islands.

However, the report says the relationship with the airport, where the service provides fire cover, is “tangled.”

And they say there’s a lack of integration with other services like Environmental Health in the Council.

Reviewers said some staff they spoke to felt “distanced” from the reshaping exercise that was ongoing at the time.

The Council says all these issues have now been resolved, as the restructuring has been completed.

A service level agreement with the airport has also been put in place.

One area highlighted in the report is the fire service’s Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

That programme has been devised by former firefighter Mike Rigby, who retired when he left his full time teaching role at the school earlier this year.

The reviewers felt it was an example of best practice nationally and would be shared throughout the UK fire service.

The review is entirely voluntary and any recommendations aren’t enforceable, but Chief Fire Officer Steve Webster says it’s a chance for the service and the Council to determine how well they’re performing.