Scilly’s New Constable Starts Work

nick gouldScilly’s newest police constable has started work as part of the islands’ team of four.

Nick Gould successfully applied for the PC position that became vacant in the spring when Faye Webb returned to the mainland.

Nick has been a police officer for 11 years, first in Leicestershire then in the Devon and Cornwall force, working in Ilfracombe and more recently in Barnstaple.

He says he wanted to relocate to St Mary’s to employ a more personal approach to his work.

Nick says he’s spent the last couple of years in a patrol car and is looking forward to “getting out there” and doing some high visibility policing.

He wanted to pursue a career as a police officer since he was twelve, but decided to join the Navy after leaving school to get more life experience.

Nick went to sea on board HMS Somerset, the frigate which has developed a special relationship with Scilly after islanders were invited on board in 2013 to commemorate the anniversary of the North Atlantic convoy.

He says he’s not been approached to help with this weekend’s Armed Forces Day but he would be pleased to get involved in the future. And with his naval background, Scilly’s water sports opportunities have made this position appealing.

Nick says he’s hoping that he and his family can get more use from their small dinghy while they’re here.

He’s moved here with his wife and two children, a dog and some cats.

Nick accepts that Scilly’s police role is unique in that any member of the small team could end up on duty, even on a day off.

But there are also benefits to the work pattern here – he won’t have to do any more night shifts.

Nick is posted to St Mary’s for an initial two-year stint but may have the opportunity to extend his placement by a year.