Park House Rated ‘Good’ By Inspectors

Park House

Park House

Park House has achieved a ‘good’ rating in four out of five categories following an unannounced inspection by the Care Quality Commission in April.

The inspectors said the atmosphere at the care home was “welcoming, calm and friendly” and that residents, “are well cared for.”

That view was echoed in comments from family members who said their relatives, “get a level of care that would not be possible elsewhere in the country.”

However, inspectors said staff need to significantly improve the way medicines are handled and recorded, which they described as “not safe.”

Gareth Peters, the Council’s Senior Officer for Adult Social Care, said this is an area that staff identified and were working on when the inspection team arrived.

He said the manager had already been back to the CQC with a 10-point action plan to ensure rapid compliance within agreed timescales this summer.

Community Services Chairman Cllr Richard McCarthy said that in an age when you hear too many stories of poor, uncaring treatment of vulnerable adults, it should be a source of pride among islanders that Scilly has been shown to be somewhere that continues to treat its older people in need of care with the dignity they deserve.’

He added that it’s a testament to the dedication of the Park House team that such a positive inspection result has been achieved.