Housing Features Strongly In First Round Of Consultation

hugh town housesPlanning Officers are pleased with the response from across the islands to the first stage of their consultation on what should be in Scilly’s new Local Plan.

That’s the document which will set out how our land will be used for the next decade and beyond.

The Council ran a series of open events across the islands last week, finishing up with a session in the Town Hall on Saturday morning.

Planning Officer Lisa Walton said around 80 people had attended to give their views on St Mary’s, while good turnouts were also seen at similar sessions on St Agnes and St Martin’s.

However, she said the numbers on Tresco and Bryher had been a bit disappointing.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said people had given a wide range of views although the hot topic was housing and plans for up to 120 new homes to be built.

Craig said this wasn’t necessarily about increasing the population on the islands, but responding to changes in the way people live, such as older people wishing to downsize to a smaller property.

Islanders gave their views on subjects ranging from conservation area status to offering help for Hugh Town premises to tidy up their shopfronts.

The consultation period is open until the 17th July and the documents are available on the Council’s website.

They’re hoping to submit the new Local Plan to the government for approval next summer.

7 Responses to Housing Features Strongly In First Round Of Consultation

  1. Adam Morton, St.Martins June 25, 2015 at 9:29 am

    I hope there is emphasis on affordable worker accommodation, particularly for businesses providing staff accommodation . Earnings are low and that won’t change- someone still has to do the grotty ,boring ,long hours jobs that attract low pay! A one off payment to build accommodation will have longer term benefits in making jobs more attractive with low or no rent and allow saving. I feel there is an acute labour shortage, 13k a year will not service a Duchy or private rent of £5- 10k+ a year. We need a freight subsidy to lower build costs and designated sites where permission is likely to be granted and people not objecting to it just for the sake of it! I think private development and self build should be protected with 106 agreements to allow a sustainable future. I don’t see open market developments contributing anything – there are already plenty of expensive houses for sale! The most off putting part is planning, where past officers feel duty bound to construct an obstacle course which low value, hard working industries simply cannot afford the time or money to contend with!
    Low turnout on Tresco – not surprising they have exactly that, adequate accommodation without which you won’t get any workers! Bryher – is there anyone that age left there?
    The Council officers seem to have a vision of suited people riding bicycles to work in shiny glass offices earning good wages, they will still need someone stacking the shelves in COOP, KP ing in the restaurants or cleaning the loos! Without any big volume industries such as tourism there won’t even be the current service levels in transport.

  2. hard worker June 24, 2015 at 4:51 pm

    Mr Plimsole
    some of us have ended up in council housing through no thought of our own and have also worked hard all our life.

  3. Rimmer June 22, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Not to mention rooting out people that are living in key worker and local need properties when they clearly don’t qualify. I can name at least two!

    • High Lanes Drifter June 22, 2015 at 11:19 pm

      Dear Rimmer,
      “The Guardian of the Relics” is surely key to our very future though I know that this seems like a contradiction in terms.

  4. Phillipe The Mole June 22, 2015 at 11:50 am

    Well you could probably resolve the housing issue by:
    A) moving any single person in a 3 bedroom council house to a 1 or 2 bed house
    B) removing any tenant who already has private property on Scilly or property on the mainland
    C) removing any tenant who has deliberately made themselves homeless by selling their house
    D) reviewing the housing waiting list, making sure no one is jumping the queue.

    Anyone care to comment?

    • Nimis Non Est Satis June 22, 2015 at 1:24 pm

      Phillipe – Just imagining how the letters would go :-

      A) – Dear Mrs X – Sorry to hear that you have recently been widowed but please vacate the house in which you saw your children grow up in and grand children visited. Many thanks the council.
      B) – Dear Mr & Mrs X i am sorry to hear you parents have died in Newcastle. As you now have a house on the mainland please vacate you house within the month and relocate your entire life. Many thanks the council.
      C) – Dear Sir, I know we gave you accomodation as required when you were made homeless by selling your house off to allow you to have a reasonable standard of living after you have had to give up work through illness. However we have changed our policy now please vacate the property. Many thanks the council.
      D) – There are rules on how the queue is managed, priority decisions do not always sit with the council – Apparent queue jumping is mostly down to this.

      Their are human factors at work here, your simplistic solutions don’t work in the real world.

      • Mr S Pilmsole June 23, 2015 at 12:58 pm

        No Philip the mole makes some valid points, there are far to many shirkers over here taking the micky. The council has a legal obligation to organise its housing stock in the best interests of the community; that is one of the down falls of not owning your own property, unlike some of us who have worked hard and made the effort.