St Mary’s Harbour Project Update 19th June From Kier

Quay Extension Works

17 pre-cast concrete blocks have now been installed; the 18th block will complete the third of eleven

levels. Concrete operations this week are expected to deliver 80m? by the end of Friday unless

circumstances dictate encroaching into the weekend.

The same route and contingency plans to minimise disturbance will apply. Timings also as usual,

15:00 hours to 03:00 hours on a 12 hour shift with road deliveries from 16:30 hours to completion.

Kier would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Local Community for their continued

kindness and offerings of refreshment to our operatives and their understanding during

these operations is most appreciated.

Harbourside building:

Decoration of the Waiting room is complete with installation of windows & doors pending delivery on

01 July 15.

Timber cladding on the Ticket Office, plus re casting of up stands and flooring will commence this

weekend into next week.

Excavation work on the slab for the new chiller store is complete with plumbing, drainage work and

ground slab preparation scheduled for next week.

Internal fit out and block work for the new Freight Office will continue this weekend with windows &

door delivery 01 Jul 15.

Porthloo: Daily maintenance of the material at Porthloo will continue.

Approvals for re-use of the material remains pending.