St Mary’s Fire Crew Called To Two Incidents

fire engine st marys 2St Mary’s fire crew had a busy day yesterday dealing with two incidents on the island.

At 1.30pm they were called to the quay after 800 litres of caustic soda was spilled. Around 100 litres ended up in the water.

The area up to Old Quay was cordoned off and guidance was sought from Specialist Officers at Fire Control in Truro.

Further crew were also brought in from St. Martin’s to help.

Six firefighters wearing gas tight suits were involved in the clean up operation. The spillage was covered with a dry agent, which was then transferred into containment drums.

Firefighters were eventually stood down at 8pm.

In a separate incident shortly before 5pm, Fire Control was alerted to a reported fire in a chip pan in a restaurant.

A fire engine was sent and on arrival the crew found that the fire had been contained.

The power was isolated and the area was cooled down with damp cloths, although fire officers remained for a short time to ensure the area was safe.