Cruise Ships and Walk Scilly/ Autumn October- An Islands’ Partnership Update

Carolyn Garman of the Islands’ Partnership has contacted Radio Scilly with an update on their work. The Corinthian, with 80 or so on board, has come in today, Saturday, with passengers going to St Mary’s and Tresco. The Adonia is here on Sunday with approximately 800 people on board going to St Mary’s and Tresco. Corinthian is back again on Monday with another 80 passengers on board. They will be going to St Mary’s and Tresco. Azores is back on Monday with around 600 passengers bound for St Mary’s. "Thanks to our volunteer ambassadors offering both onboard and on shore support this weekend", says Carolyn.

The events team at the IP is currently researching opening times amongst accommodation providers and restaurants for October with a view to event planning and looking at our local offer for late season.. Already the Walk Scilly Weekend date has been set for 2nd to 4th October. This date coincides with the St Martin’s Film Festival and there will be music events too, as feedback from the last Walk Scilly was that they would like more evening entertainment.

The I.P is getting a lot of hits on the Visit IOS website – 40,000 per month – and many enquiries are coming into the TIC for accommodation over the summer. There are now late availability Facebook pages and a Twitter account – ScillyLateRooms that they urge people to make use of. Carolyn also wants accommodation providers keep the TIC up to date with any availability on a very regular basis so that the information that they give out is accurate. " It’s also advisable that accommodation providers advertising on the Visit IOS website ensure their availability for 2016 is also up to date, at the very least set to "available". Anyone who needs a reminder on how to do this can give the IP office a call." Carolyn says.