Rowers Express Gratitude To ‘Unsung Heroes’ Of The Gig Championships

gigs on strand 2015Rowers have been expressing their gratitude to the owners of a St Mary’s Farm for being the “unsung heroes” of the Gig Championships.

For most of the 26 years that the competition has been running, Justin and Alison King of Longstone Farm have been storing the boats on their land as they arrived on the islands ready for the event.

But in a letter published on the  website, they say they will no longer be able to provide this service, because the stress and workload involved is now too demanding and the lack of support locally too hurtful.

In their letter, Justin and Alison say they will, “greatly miss all the colours in our field” adding that up to 110 gigs have been parked there at a time.

Commenting on Gigrower, ‘Jim’ from Boscastle and Crackington Gig Club said, “Thank you for being one of the unsung heroes of the Gig Championships.”

“We arrive and find our gigs ready for action, without really thinking through all the organisation that get them from ferry to field to beach and back safely.”

And Nicci Hastings from Caradon Gig Club said their rowers, supporters and especially their gigs, “thank you for all that you have given to make the championships the amazing event it is. Without your dedication, time, care, fields and towing abilities the event wouldn’t even happen.”

Nicci added, “You’ll be a tough act to follow…. let’s see how many step forward for the job!”

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