Planners Lift Old Conditions On Hugh Town Flat

hugh town housesA clause restricting the permanent occupation of a Hugh Town flat has been removed by councillors after officers said it was no longer relevant.

The condition had been in place since 1986, when the Smugglers Ride property was converted into thirteen holiday flats.

The flats were restricted to holiday use only, while Flat 2 was designated for a building supervisor and could only be occupied by a single person.

The owners of this flat tried twice in the 1990’s to have the restrictions lifted, going as far as a planning appeal, which was rejected.

But Planning Officer Lisa Walton told councillors at the recent Planning Meeting that the situation had changed.

She said Smugglers Ride now contained many more flats than the original thirteen and these additional properties aren’t restricted.

That meant the reason for the conditions were no longer relevant.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin agreed, saying the Council should do anything they could to get housing for the residential population.

But Cllr Avril Mumford raised concerns about the property currently being up for sale. She said she’d spoken to officers and was aware that they couldn’t restrict the sale to someone on the islands.

Councillors voted unanimously to remove the restrictions.