New Holiday Chalets Approved For St Agnes

st agnesSt Agnes will be getting more holiday accommodation after planners approved the erection of two new chalets in the grounds of Westward Farm.

One will provide two bedrooms, with a smaller, one-bedroomed unit being built next door.

The single-story buildings will be clad in timber with natural slate roofs.

Planning Officer Lisa Walton told councillors that Westward Farm is one of only a few agricultural properties on Scilly that doesn’t currently have any holiday accommodation.

It’s hoped this proposal will help diversifying the business and enable it to be taken on by the owners’ children.

In her report, Lisa said that they’re also seeking to introduce meat, vegetable and cider production to the farm.

St Agnes councillor Richard McCarthy said this was one of the most active farms on the off-islands and he felt it was right for the proposal to go ahead, as long as the chalets were appropriately sited.

Other councillors agreed and voted to approve the scheme.