Bomb Disposal Team Called To Dumped Flares

moorwell flaresRoyal Navy bomb disposal experts flew into St Mary’s on the RNAS Culdrose helicopter today.

Three officers carried out a single controlled explosion at around 12 noon on marine flares which had been discovered at the Moorwell dump.

Council workers spotted the flares and Sergeant Colin Taylor says he’s working with those staff to try and identify who discarded them.

They were out-of-date and corroded. Colin says the refuse staff are helping him to narrow down, “the list of possible persons who this could be attributed to.”

Colin says it is an offence to dump or abandon flares or let them off to dispose of them.

Sgt Taylor says flares that get activated in the refuse pile could start fires that have wider consequences and he’s grateful to the staff who noticed them and took action.

One Response to Bomb Disposal Team Called To Dumped Flares

  1. John Stickland May 30, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    The issue of disposal of out-of-date flares on Scilly seems to be an on going and unresolved problem. I would state from the outset that I do not, in any way, condone the disposal of flares at Moorwell dump (or anywhere else), for obvious safety reasons.

    I have ‘inherited’, at my property on St Mary’s, 4 out of date flares. I do not know where they were bought as the previous owner of my property has sadly passed away. I have gone round and round in circles with the Fire Brigade, Council of the Isles of Scilly and the Coastguards, both in Scilly and at Falmouth. All this to no effect as no-one seems willing to put in place a way for the public to dispose of flares. There are, it seems, no plans for another amnesty of out-of-date flares; I assume for financial reasons.

    The net result is that ‘my’ flares are still stored in a metal trunk in an outbuilding, for safety reasons, whilst I wait for someone in authority to suggest a safe and legal way for me to dispose of them.

    I rather suspect that there will be other flares dumped in a somewhat irresponsible manner whilst we wait for a safe system of disposal for out-of-date flares to be agreed by the authorities.