St Martin’s Holiday Home Can Be Extended

st martins signsA St Martin’s holiday home can be extended but Council Chairman Amanda Martin has insisted that the owners should be prevented from selling it separately.

Planners were asked to give approval to Keith and Dawn Bradford’s plans for ‘Crow’s Nest,’ a one-bedroom property, which the Council had already passed in 2012. That permission expires this month.

Nearby neighbours, the Davis’ who live at Ashdale, emailed the Town Hall to oppose the application. They said the plans were larger than the previous proposals and that the building would be “very visible from almost every angle, overlook other properties and affect the skyline.”

The unit had previously been described as accommodation for hotel management and the Davis’ wrote to say that was no longer relevant, as it was a holiday let.

Planner Lisa Walton said that the matter had been confused by referring to earlier planning approval from 2010 that had not be implemented because a granite boulder was in the way of the plans.

She advised councillors that this new request was for an extension, which was identical in size and shape to the one granted three years ago.

The former connection to the hotel wasn’t a planning issue and the completed building will blend in with Appletree Cottage next door.

Councillor Colin Daly reminded members that the original Crow’s Nest property was a wooden shed on top of the boulder and he said that he didn’t want to see that reappear.

Councillors backed the plans but added the condition to stop it being sold separately.