Planners Approve Extra Space For Boatyard On Bryher



More boat storage space has been approved for Bennett’s Boatyard on Bryher because the business is currently running at capacity in the summertime.

Dan Bennett wants to use a 0.4-hectare unfarmed grass field adjacent to his existing business.

He informed councillors that it is difficult to manoeuvre the larger boats within the currently limited space and that he’ll have to turn away enquiries to store more boats without the extra land.

In her report, Planning Officer Lisa Walton didn’t think this additional use would adversely affect the appearance of the area but the site will be restricted to boat storage. No other commercial use will be allowed and there’ll be no structures placed there.

The site is currently bordered by mature pittosporum hedges on two sides and the only change the applicant wants to make is to grow more of it on the open sides to create a boundary and screen the boats from within the farm.

No Bryher residents expressed an opinion either for or against the plan and all councillors backed it.