Accommodation Needed For Charity Rowers This Week In Scilly

The ‘Endeavour’ rowing challenge (Ireland to France) sets off this week on their 300 mile charity rowing challenge.

They set off at 2am Tuesday morning and are now due to stop in Scilly on Wednesday night.

David Jackson from the Islands’ Partnership says there’s now going to be 32 people coming over, including a film crew and they’ve been in touch with Lena at the T I C over the past few days to try to arrange accommodation for as many of them as possible.

The TIC has managed to find a few rooms, but not enough for all 32.

If you can help accommodate them, please can you call the TIC on 424031 or email info@ islandspartnership (remove the gaps) and the I.P team will out a full list together.

There’s a chance that the weather may mean they have to stay for an extra night, but they’re hoping to set off on the second leg (a further 30 hours of rowing) on Thursday.

Here’s our original Radio Scilly article :