Storage Shed Approved For Tresco Quay

tresco new grimsby 2Councillors have approved a new storage shed for Tresco’s Carn Near quay at Tuesday’s Planning Meeting.

An application made back in 2008 when the quays were being refurbished had included two storage buildings but these were never built.

Planning Officer Lisa Walton said the new shed was smaller, just big enough to hold a forklift truck and tools, but on a different site.

Officers had recommended moving it because it was quite prominent, but Tresco Estate said this was the best position for optimal working on the quay.

Any closer and it would cause an obstruction, while further down the bank would leave it susceptible to being washed away.

Lisa said the small scale and use of natural materials meant she could recommend it for approval.

But Cllr Christine Savill was concerned about how tidy the area would be. She said, “One doesn’t have to walk far around these islands to find that sheds have been built to tidy things up but it just expands.”

She asked for a condition to be included that means nothing can be stored outside.