Assistant Chief Constable Reassures Over Staffing Cuts

police station 3The Assistant Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall has reassured his colleagues at St Mary’s that any further austerity cutbacks will be unlikely to affect staffing numbers here.

There are currently two full-time Police Constables, one Sergeant and a PCSO position budgeted for at Scilly’s police station.

Paul Netherton went out on patrol with Sergeant Colin Taylor during a two-day visit to the islands on Wednesday and Thursday.

During his visit he discussed the Council and joint agency response to any major disaster.

Paul is the highest-ranking police officer dealing with crisis management in the country and he represents all forces on the government’s emergency committee Cobra.

During his trip he caught up with year 9 school pupils who have spent the week on emergency service-related activities.

Paul witnessed the pupils acting out a jury trial for theft in a mock courtroom at their base in the Army Cadet Hut on The Garrison.

And he later went on the join the winning Police team in Wednesday’s Atlantic Inn pub quiz. Colin Taylor says the ACC’s area of expertise was geography.