Visiting Missionaries To Lead Methodist Events This Weekend

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary's

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary’s

Two visiting missionaries will lead a series of events at the Methodist Church this weekend.

Gareth Bolton and his Philippines-born wife Malou are hosting ‘Blaze Spirit Blaze’ starting on Friday evening.

It will mark two important calendar dates for Methodists – Pentecost, which is celebrated by all Christians, and Aldersgate Sunday.

That’s the day when Methodists mark the conversion of John Wesley at that London location.

Over the weekend, Gareth will share stories about how he’s travelled to promote his faith. He’s visited and spoken in around 120 countries including 50 trips to India.

Gareth says he’ll feature tales and pictures of some of the most unusual destinations where the Christian church is growing.

He says Mongolia is a good example of that with over 40,000 Christians now living there.

Scilly’s Methodists started an association with Romania in the noughties, when Rita Trotman started fundraising for an orphanage there.

Gareth also started a charity in that country 20 years ago, which includes a shoebox collection at Christmas, and he’ll be showing a video of that work too.

He says Europe is the only place where church attendance is in decline and this weekend of events, which include mime, drama and a 7pm Saturday evening barbeque at Seagull Cottage on Buzza Hill, might engage community members who would not normally visit Church.

And on a personal note, Gareth says he’s looking forward to seeing Scilly properly.

He visited a few years ago but his party all went down with food poisoning on the third day and were bedridden for the rest of their trip.