New Home Planned For St Agnes

st agnesA new home is set to be built on St Agnes.

Councillors approved an application for a new 3-bedroom, detached house on land at Westward Farm at Tuesday’s Planning Meeting.

It’s to provide accommodation for the family running the local shop and post office.

Planning Officer Lisa Walton recommended the scheme for approval, saying the applicants had demonstrated sufficient need and the design and siting was appropriate.

It’ll be a timber-framed construction, lime rendered, with a pan tile roof.

The property will be covered by a Section 106 agreement to restrict its occupancy.

In her report, Lisa says that the Local Plan would normally restrict this type of development if the family is already adequately housed. They currently rent a property from the Duchy.

But she said it was justified because that accommodation must be operated as a holiday let as part of their lease conditions so it’s an added burden on top of operating the shop.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin supported the application, saying the Council should do everything it can to make the off-island communities sustainable.

She said she was, “delighted that families want to continue scratching a hard living on the off- islands.”

St Agnes councillor, Molly Peacock, said the family, “deserve to have a home near the shop.”

Councillors passed the proposal unanimously.