Councillors Approve Latest Pay Policy

town hall 11Councillors have approved the Authority’s latest Pay Policy Statement.

That’s the document required by law to be published annually and which shows how different employees within the Council are paid, from the Chief Executive down to the lowest grades.

The statement shows that Chief Executive Theo Leijser, the highest paid staff member, gets a salary of £100,000, while an employee on grade 1, at he bottom of the pay scale, gets £13,614.

The new Senior Managers for Strategic Development, Community Services, Democratic and Corporate, and Finance will each get paid up to £65,280 this year.

The Senior Manager for Infrastructure & Planning, currently Craig Dryden, also receives that amount, as well as an additional salary for now being the Airport Accountable Manager. That’s a further £13,056 for the 7.4 hours a week required for that role.

The title of Assistant Chief Executive, created under Mr Leijser’s restructuring, is not listed in this year’s document.

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